Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Looking to better understand the supply chain industry and how NDLX meets your logistics requirements? Here are a couple of questions below that should help you understand more about the industry, the types of companies involved, plus NDLX’s role as a third party logistics provider.


Q: What is involved in the transportation function?

A: A company’s transportation network includes the scheduling of raw materials or products coming into its production facility as well as the scheduling of the finished products leaving its facility for the next link in the chain.

A company can chose from a variety of different modes or ways of transporting its products. These include by sea, air, land and railway and can be executed by the company’s own resources, such as its private fleet of trucks and truck drivers, or outsourced to a logistics supplier.
If they choose to outsource, a company can hire an independent carrier or a company known as a third party logistics provider.

Independent carrier companies range in size from small owner/operators (a person who drives the truck they own) to larger companies that own as many as 10,000+ trucks. New Dimension Logistics is a third party logistics provider.

Q: What is the supply chain industry?

A: A company’s supply chain is its central nervous system for how it creates and distributes a product. The industry is made up of the key players who participate in this process, including manufacturers, wholesalers or distributors, retailers and transportation companies.

There are three main areas of a company’s supply chain. They include: (Refer to Picture on top of Web Page)

  • Procurement or the “buying” process. This includes the purchasing of the raw materials needed to make the products.
  • Production or the “making” process. This includes the manufacturing or assembling of the raw components into the finished goods or parts.
  • Distribution or the “movement” process. This includes everything involved in the logistical flow of getting the products from one point to the next. The distribution portion of the supply chain is also called “logistics” and involves aspects such as warehouse management, materials handling, inventory control, packaging and transportation.

Q: What is a third party logistics provider?

A: Third party logistics providers, also known as 3PLs, serve a similar role as an internal transportation department. They work with carriers and drivers to manage the scheduling and movement of products from point A to point B.

Some 3PLs can do much more than just strictly manage a company’s transportation. For instance, they may also have a cold storage facility in which they warehouse the company’s products. Other 3PLs, strictly manage the physical transportation of the company’s products. New Dimension Logistics, LLC has all the necessary resources to take care of all customers needs.

Q: Why do companies use 3PLs?

A: Often times, the benefit for a company to use a 3PL (versus owning a private fleet or working directly with a carrier company) is time and money savings. Instead of making numerous calls to find a carrier, the company only has to make one call to the 3PL. The 3PL, in turn, does the work to find and negotiate with a carrier. Third party logistics providers also offer their clients greater flexibility, industry expertise and knowledge, large networks of carrier resources and better technology capabilities.

Q: So, what does NDLX do?

A: NDLX is a global non-asset based provider of integrated supply chain solutions delivering safe, specialized transportation, warehousing, and logistics services enabling customers to harness the power of global trade.

“Supply Chain Operation Process”